Fast, Accurate, and Efficient Payload Weighting

The SmartWeigh™ payload-weighing solution for mid-size and large John Deere wheel loaders allows operators to load accurately and without rework. Available as a factory-installed or field-kit option, Deeredesigned
SmartWeigh is fully integrated with the John Deere Operations Center™, so payload data is available whenever and from wherever you need to access it. Fully supported by the Deere dealer network, SmartWeigh
is designed to maximize jobsite efficiency and increase the profitability of your operation.


Featuring a wide range of productivity-enhancing capabilities, optional SmartWeigh helps you move more.


Knowledge is power
John Deere loader kinematic properties, dimensions, and specifications built into SmartWeigh provide near-exact (+/– 1.5 percent) target weights for efficient feeding of mixers, hoppers, trucks, and processors. Real-time display lets operators achieve correct loads the first time without return trips to the pile.

Stay connected
Shared through the onboard monitor, SmartWeigh effortlessly integrates with the John Deere Operations Center so you can track and visualize payload data in the cab, at the office, and from almost anywhere on mobile devices.

Go with the flow
Dynamic weighing technology allows operators to weigh without interrupting workflow and removes the need to lower and reraise the boom after tipoff. Bucket-capture points from 15–90 percent of boom height and at any boom speed can be set within the monitor.

Easy does it
Calibration without a known weight can be done by the operator through the monitor. Zero bucket load feature enables quick taring of the system, especially useful when switching attachments.


Control at work
With the SmartWeigh menu available on the machine’s primary onboard display, sight lines to the jobsite ahead are unobstructed by additional monitors. SmartWeigh settings can be programmed into existing machine controls including the hydraulic joystick and the counter switch.


Ready when you are
Try SmartWeigh at a low cost for 250 machine hours to see what it can enable your operation to do. Upgrading the system for the life of the machine can be

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