Deere All Electric Excavator

Brooks Tractor is Wisconsin’s premier all-electric construction equipment dealer. John Deere, GiANT, Bergmann, and Merlo are all dedicated to the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge, battery-powered construction equipment.

No matter the project, we offer the electric equipment you need, whether it’s for rent or sale. Call your local Brooks Tractor dealership for more information and to set up your rental, demo, or sale today.

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Benefits of Electric Machines

  •  Lower Daily Operating Costs
    • Electric motors do not require new oil or checking fluids.  They also have fewer moving parts which results in fewer breakdowns and less downtime on the site.
  •  Less Noise
    • Electric motors are near-silent while in operation.  This makes electric machines ideal for work in buildings, farms and urban areas.
  •  Reliability
    • Electric motors are more reliable and will result in more time on the job-site working.
  •  Fewer Carbon Emissions
    • Electric powered engines produce zero carbon emissions.  An environment-friendly way to work.